Information about the company "LATINA".
Foundation year - 1992.
Industries - transport repair and maintenance, sales of transport spare parts.
Share capital - 932692 EUR.

Legal address - 23, Kurzemes prospect, Riga, LV-1067, Latvia
Registration number 40003091660.

VAT LV40003091660.
Bank account LV53NDEA0000080025762 in NORDEA Bank AB Latvian Baranch (SWIFT: NDEALV2X).

Our  aim:

To ensure stable and lasting business growth by guaranteeing high quality of offered goods and services for reasonable prices.

The company "LATINA" is well known in Latvian market as one of the biggest and the most experienced service stations for repair and maintenance of commercial vehicles, also company is one of the biggest players in Latvian market of spare parts for commercial vehicles. Currently "LATINA" has two modern service stations in Riga and Liepaja. A wide field of repair and maintenance of commercial vehicles are provided there. The quality of repairs and maintenance conform to requirements of control organisations of Europe Community. "LATINA" has own retail chain across all Latvia. In our shops you can buy wide range of high-quality spare parts for commercial vehicles. Currently company has eight sales points - three in Riga and in other cities:Liepaja, Daugavpils, Rezekne, Valmiera, Jekabpils.

The company development history:


Foundation year.


Latina becomes a part of the European service  network of BPW, SAF, ROR – manufacturers of axles and suspensions. Latina is a – service station of these well-known brands in Latvia.


Latina is the service stations for the heaters Eberspächer in Latvia .


Latina officially becomes a service partner of  the MAN and authorized is to repair and maintain these complex technology.


Latina becomes an official service station of such leading manufacturers of brake systems as Wabco, Knorr-Bremse, Haldex, trailer manufacturer Kögel, and heater manufacturer Webasto.


Latina becomes an official service station of МАЗ.


Latina becomes an official service station of Schwarzmüller.


Latina becomes an official service station of the trailer manufacturer WIELTON, Latina receives state accreditation for inspection of tachographs and speed limit devices.


Latina becomes the official service-station of manufacturer special machines FAUN, a heavy vehicle and trailer service station, as well as a shop for spare parts and equipment opened in Liepaja city (Latvia).


Latina becomes an official service-station of hydraulic manipulators manufactured by HIAB and an official service-station of dump trucks and loading platforms manufactured by DAUTEL.


Latina becomes a service-station of GIGANT - the famous manufacturer of axles and suspensions.


Latina's workshop becomes a warranty-center for the manufacturer of axles and suspensions SMB.


Latina becomes official workshop for tanker trucks manufactured by Feldbinder.


Latina becomes a service station of trailer manufacturer KÄSSBOHRER.


The company BPW Kraatz Finance OY became the owner of the company LATINA. Therefore LATINA became the enterprise of the BPW Group.