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Cardan service

SIA “LATINA BALTICS” produces and repairs of propeller shafts for all fields where mechanisms with propeller shafts are used.

German equipment, technologies and materials as well as staff trained in Germany ensure the high quality of producing and repairs which are analogical to original manufacturers.

Due to the professional equipment and skilled staff, it is economically profitable to perform replacement of smokestacks and flanged pieces which was previously done by any workshop.

Certainly, balancing is the final operation of any producing or repair of a cardan. It is really important, because only that helps to achieve the required quality. SIA “LATINA BALTICS” can also balance the cardan repaired at another workshop. 

It must not be forgotten that the contemporary cardan is a complicated unit which works in extreme conditions and at high speed. Its technical condition determines also usage period of other integral units related with the cardan. In case of necessity SIA “LATINA BALTICS” can take the propeller shafts to the company by its own transport.

We offer following services:

  • Producing new cardan;
  • Replacing smokestacks;
  • Replacing flanged pieces of cardans;
  • Shortening or elongation of cardans;
  • Replacing cardans kerfs part;
  • Replacing overhung bearing;
  • Balancing propeller shafts.


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