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SIA “LATINA BALTICS” is one of the biggest Latvian companies in wholesale trade and retail business of spare parts for commercial vehicles since 1992.

SIA “LATINA BALTICS” cooperates with more than 70 foreign companies that are permanent suppliers of goods. Most of them are manufacturers or big wholesale companies. SIA “LATINA BALTICS” is a representative of world leading manufacturers of cargo trucks, spare parts and utilities for cargo trucks, buses and trailers.

SIA “LATINA BALTICS” is well-known to many forwarders and is one of the main players in the Latvian trade market of spare parts for commercial vehicles. Moreover, the company offers tooling and workshop equipment and protective garments as well. It must be admitted that the assortment of SIA “LATINA BALTICS” includes wide range of spare parts for commercial vehicles manufactured in European and post-Soviet countries. Spare parts for almost all brands of city and intercity (coach) buses are sold in our shops. The offer of SIA “LATINA BALTICS” will please owners of any trailer as well.

SIA “LATINA BALTICS” does not confine itself to spare parts for definite units. It is possible to supply any parts from wheel bolts and brake pads to body components, axles, stanchions and different accessories. In our shops customers can buy distance rods, securing cargo straps, tire wrenches, jacks and many other things that are necessary during the trip.

Moreover, SIA “LATINA BALTICS” offers spare parts of different price levels wherewith needs of any customer can be fulfilled.

The owners of “guarantee” vehicles can buy parts of OE quality but the owners of 5-7 years old vehicles can find spare parts of high quality from others manufacturers for lower prices. Only approved complementary parts are sold, all of them are tested in laboratories of manufacturers.

In the central warehouse and shops of SIA “LATINA BALTICS” more than 35,000 items are available: parts of suspension, braking systems, engines, drawbars, auto electrics etc. Spare parts of the body and expensive electric appliances, if they are not available at the warehouse, can be ordered at the manufacturer. Due to the electronic search system, Latvian sales representatives easily find and identify necessary part for further order at the manufacturer. Deliveries are carried out every week and it means that a necessary part will be supplied in the shortest terms after ordering. As many service stations perform repairs during weekends as well, the shops of SIA “LATINA BALTICS” are open till 6 p.m. on weekdays and are also open on Saturdays.

All of the sales representatives are educated and skilled in automotive field. In case if needed, professionals can come to a customer’s place in order to help a customer to identify a spare part or its manufacturer.

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