Body builder

Body builder

In order to offer more qualitative service for customers and to increase variety of services offered, SIA “LATINA BALTICS” body builder shop began work in 2005.

During working process relationship with Swiss and German suppliers of parts and body sets from DAUTEL, ALUTEAM, SUER and TITGEMEYER were developed and improved.

By gaining cooperation experience our partners offer more ample choice opportunities, and decrease the delivery time.

Currently body builder shop offers the widest range of services from assembling and mounting standard bodies to mounting hinged specialty equipment and production of dedicated bodies by individual requirements of the customer.

SIA “LATINA BALTICS” body builder shop offers following services:

  • Working out and coordination of reequipment projects at Road Safety Office;
  • Mounting and production of standard bodies (aluminium, isothermal, broadside, tent);
  • Production of non-standard bodies;
  • Assembling of bodies considering customer’s requirements;
  • Repair of bodies, aluminium boards, front walls, stanchions, gates, flooring of bodies, trailers and semi-trailers;
  • Installation of lifts and additional equipment (light diodes, foot remote controls, platforms with function of slack);
  • Installation of specialty equipment – cranes and drilling equipment for geological research of soil;
  • Renewal of vehicles after accidents, int. al. on insurance;
  • Other kind of works.

23, Kurzemes prospect, Riga

Ph.: +371 67805499, +371 22322188